A year ago I left my old job (that I loved). I was just starting to explore career paths other than music, so you’d think I was crazy to be disrupting what is already a scattered and bizarre resume. I had no idea where I’d end up. I took phone interviews from everyone: tech giants, medical companies, a funeral home, a wearable tech/MJ industry start-up, and a print shop, to name a few. As I endlessly prepped myself for all these phone calls (the introvert in me shrinking away), I started working on a few websites. Then a few more. Then more. Before I knew it, I had the remote life I’d always wanted.
There are things about this life that I didn’t bank on. Here’s what I learned:
1) Wearing PJs every day may be easy and a money-saver, but it can wear away at your psyche if you’re not careful. My sister sends me cute socks, and those are often my sartorial highlight these days.
2) Yeah, a 1 minute commute is nice, but remember to commute back “home.” It’s tempting to continue working 10+ hours if you don’t have to drive anywhere.
3) You can go running or hiking whenever you want. Score!
4) Post “Office Hours” online and stick to them as much as you can (see #2)
5) You’ll have months of relative silence and then months where work comes flooding in and you can barely handle it.
6) You have to learn how to talk about money.
7) You have to learn how to put out fires- there’s no supervisor to help you.
8) You learn just how valuable time really is.
9) A Large Stanley thermos holds approximately 2- 20oz. mugs’ worth of coffee. It will stay warm in your office for about 3 hours.
10) Cute pencil holders are TOTALLY worth it.

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